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Love the One(s) You’re With

April 27, 2012



In today’s world, our generation has become increasingly dependent on our smart phones. During every free moment in our hectic lives (such as lunch), we are texting friends, checking emails, playing games, or checking our social networking page. It angers me how people get caught up in their smart phones and not pay attention to the other people around them. I find this to be rather rude and insulting.

Now, I most certainly am not an exception to the description above. Therefore, I propose that everyone (including myself) must turn off their cell phones during meals. In most circumstances, I find it very difficult to believe that an email or text message is so important that it can’t be read thirty minutes later. Enjoy the time that you spend with your family/friends/co-workers, etc., You took the time to coordinate your schedules to eat together, why would you chat with other people? Chatting with others through your smart phone eliminates the purpose of why are you eating with this person in the first place. Essentially, stop being self-centered and be courteous to others. This way, our generation and future generations can still have the capability to have face-to-face interactions. If you continue living through your smart phone rather than having face-to-face conversations, you won’t have anyone to eat lunch with in the near future.


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